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*Beautiful Blink* SIXTH SENSE AWARENESS: Do You See Things and Say, “Ahh, I love it!?”
By Marcia Ann Calantonio

*Beautiful Blink* Sixth Sense Awareness: Do You See Things and Say,



Do you see things and say, “Ahh, I love it!?” Your Sixth Sense is aware!

I think most people see their world with Imperfect Eyesight.  I mean, we see things at a glance and make decisions – instantly.  Our sense of sight is the most complex sense we have, and most superficially determines most of our decisions.  We process what we see and create opinions about what we like and dislike, about people, places, things, and what we are capable or afraid of doing.  Ultimately, we quickly use the filter of sight to make decorating decisions too.  And, that can be when you get something home and realize you really don’t like it!  It does not feel good in your personal space. 

Are you seeing clearly?  How aware are seeing is really to bring awareness to the way you feel

Here’s my truth.  I think people perceive what they see and say, “Oh, I love that!”  Really, what is happening is in a split second you are accessing your own “Inner Bliss Blueprint” and determining if what you see registers from upside-down to right-side up and feels good to YOU!  Your sixth sense knows in a split-second!  AWARENESS is the key, no doubt!  What you think you see is a 1-dimensional viewpoint.  What you really are capable of seeing is 3-dimension at all times – you read into every visual image a physical, emotional, and spiritual charge.  Yep, every time!  Are you aware of that?!  Things either feel good to you, or they don’t! 

Do you pay attention to the details of what you see MOST of the time?  Get your Sixth Sense active!

Here are amazing facts from ThinkQuest about the eye:

The thumb-sized retina is filled with approximately 150 million light-sensitive cells called rods and cones. 150 MILLION!!!  Rods identify shapes and work best in dim light. Cones on the other hand, identify color and work best in bright light. Both of these types of cells then send the information to the brain by way of the optic nerve. The amazing thing is, when they send the image to the brain, the image is upside down! It is the brain’s job to turn the image rightside up and then tell you what you are looking at.

  • Most people blink every 2-10 seconds.
  • Each time you blink, you shut your eyes for 0.3 seconds, which means your eyes are closed at least 30 minutes a day just from blinking.
  • If you only had one eye, everything would appear two-dimensional. (This does not work just by closing one eye.)
  • Owls can see a mouse moving over 150 feet away with light no brighter than a candle.
  • The reason cat’s and dog’s eyes glow at night is because of silver mirrors in the back of their eyes called the tapetum. This makes it easier for them to see at night.
  • An ostrich has eyes that are two inches across. Each eye weighs more than the brain.
  • A chameleon’s eyes can look in opposite directions at the same time.
  • A newborn baby sees the world upside down because it takes some time for the baby’s brain to learn to turn the picture right-side up.
  • One in every twelve males is color blind.

I am a Barefoot Decorator, standing in the grass, seeing with clarity Creator’s definition.  I see Fibonacci’s Sequence in Nature everywhere.  It’s in everyone and everything.  Thank your,  Creator.  Perfect “mini-creations” from a ladybug to a great mountain top.  Awareness to the things you see (I call it “faithful awareness”) brings you one step closer to igniting your Creative Genius within.  Decorate your world with clarity!

We are all wired with our own “Inner Bliss Blueprint,” based on Creator’s Definition.  Call it Sixth Sense!  Tap into your blueprint.  Stand in awe everyday in the presence of everything you see.  There is Beauty within Beauty within everything when you choose to see it.  You will know what is uniquely beautiful to you!  And, it is a mirror of your own reflection! 


Fibonacci sequence in nature

Do you see the patterns replicating in spirals?!

Are you aware of Fibonacci Sequence in Nature? 

I see Creator’s definition everywhere!  I see Fibonacci Sequence in Nature everywhere.  Miraculous creations!  The patterns and sequences of life are replicated in everyone and everything.  Thank your Creator.  Perfect identical “mini-creations” from a ladybug to a great mountain top.  Faithful awareness to the things you see brings you one step closer to understanding the Process of Creation.  Keep your eyes wide open and be aware of the intricate details all around you!

Sense of sight is the most used gift we were given.  Slow down and “tune in” to the Beauty within the Beauty.  It’s okay if you have to slip a pair of reading glasses on your nose to do it ~ just magnify the brilliance of Creator’s Definition.  It’s everywhere.  Quit missing it!

 Bring the same attention to everything you see as you would the most beautiful flower or a beautiful sunrise ~ with awe and reverence.  Thank your Creator!  Really appreciate the things you see.  Stop seeing fuzzy, and choose to see brilliant clarity!  It’s a gift we can all hone in on, whether our vision is perfect or not.  When you “focus your camera lens” on the details that surround you, you may decide that you don’t really care for some of the things you display on your bookcases or on your walls!  Pay attention for 60 seconds!

How aware were you today?  Did you pay attention to detail and see beauty all around you? 

What did you see with new eyes today?  What is the detail you noticed?  And, how did it make you feel?

Here’s to seeing “eye to eye,”
   ~ Marcia Ann

 Photo credits: 
Sunflower – Golden Design Esdras Calderan

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