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Women Living Consciously ~ Real Stories of Women Living On Purpose, With Passion, Empowered

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Conscious living is something to which you can aspire, awaken, and put into practice–no matter whether you’ve chosen it or it has chosen you; it can become a powerful way of life!

Share the impassioned stories in this book by women who’ve enriched and re-directed their lives to transform into a new way of being. Each author has experienced a major shift in consciousness either through outside-inflicted circumstances or by being inwardly called toward self-realized transformation. No matter the cause, the actions and practices they followed led each of them to a more integrated sense of wholeness and joyfulness of spirit which continues as they move through life.

Read these stories and you’ll feel their pain and joy, laugh and cry with them, and ultimately come to love them for being such courageous and inspiring women. In many cases, you’ll even see yourself reflected in their journeys. Women Living Consciously is a statement for life by women who chose to tell their stories and reinforce for others that the possibility of enhanced consciousness exists for us all. She knows this is possible, because she found it for herself!

Read the Book and Discover these Timeless Truths and Valuable Lessons:

  • Rid yourself of the “disease to please” once and for all
  • Recognize the diamond in the rough and polish it
  • Know that your dreams have no limits–empower yourself
  • Build your business to match your vision, no matter the economy
  • Survivor and victim are two sides of the same coin–you choose
  • Childhood trauma doesn’t equal a traumatized adult
  • Labels are not death sentences, they’re just words
  • How to live an authentic life in alignment with your highest values
  • Spirit exists in every experience, sometimes you just need faith
  • Release the darkness of the past and open up to your bright future
  • Living in the moment is all you really have
  • Love is the greatest elixir for all ills–physical, emotional and spiritual
  • Fear is all in your head; living from your heart is the only way to eliminate it
  • Maintain eternal connections with loved ones for greater peace


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What people are saying about the book:

“Prepare to read about the trials and triumphs of many women as they navigate the river of life. If you need inspiration for any area of your life, the stories in this book will do it. You may need a few tissues as you read, but you will also feel the joy of strength and transformation.”
~ Patricia J. Crane, Ph.D, Author of Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen

“A woman’s desire for connection is written on her heart. Within these pages you will read about 47 women and their individual struggles against fear and sadness, anger and disappointment. You will also read how these very same women recognized that those painful situations became invitations not only to successful new careers but to joyful and liberating new lives and consciousness.”
~ Mary Jane Hurley Brant, M.S., CGP, Author of When Everyday Matters

“These women are amazing not only for what they have accomplished, but—more importantly—for what they have become. Women Living Consciously provides an amazing opportunity for you to ride on the coattails of these brilliant and wildly successful women and learn life lessons that would have otherwise passed you by.”
~Mary Cantando, Growth Expert for Women, The Woman’s Advantage

“The heartfelt stories shared in “Women Living Consciously” inspire us all to recognize and step into our own authentic truth. Each powerful story is a gift that brings tears of recognition, release, freedom and joy. However, this book’s most important gift may be the mirror it holds up that allows us see into our own soul. One cannot read this book without being moved to a new level of authenticity, self appreciation and love.”
~Amy Flynn, Wholeness Healer and Spiritual Teacher

“It takes courage to be willing to open yourself up to the world. It takes courage to be willing to be vulnerable enough to let people see behind the closed doors. It takes courage to say your truth out loud. I celebrate each courageous woman in this book who told with heartfelt passion their stories—their truths that not only touch the lives of every person who will read about them, but also give another woman the courage to do the same. Brava! This is an amazing book.”
~Karen Graves, CEO of YourSalesFix.com, Sales Success Mentor for Entrepreneurs

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